Tribe Nation and Custodian team up for “DAWN”


Dawn is an upcoming short topic dreama series produced by Tribe Nation Entertainment in association with custodian, set to premiere next week friday, November 14, 2014 on their official youtube channel, TribeNation300. The company, owned by Executive Producer Anita Edwards, known for its short comedy sketches, began working on the project earlier this year. The show boasts of brand new talents like Naomi Bankyu and Peter Adesanya starring as Dolapo and Ade. Dolapo is an undergraduate caught up in a very violent and aggressive relationship with the series protagonist, Ade- an internet fraudster who assumes basic control of Dolapo’s life because he provides for her. the show also stars Omotola Abudu as Alaba, Dolapo’s best friend; Gbohunmi Adeniran as Ife, Dolapo’s love interest; Thelma Okekeze as Nora, Ade’s other girlfriend; and Deji Onadeko as Dejo, Ade’s nemesis.season one is slated to contain 30 episodes and a surprising array of guest stars. SSSSHHHH… Check out the official trailer:Click here to Subscribe You can also follow Tribe Nation Entertainment and Custodian on twitter @CAlplcrespectively Go behind the scenes now and get the full gist in the video below: WATCH FULL VIDEO


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