A random fan called him an idiot on Instagram for supporting GEJ, and Naeto C replied.

NATO C NL Rapper Naeto C Responds To Fan Who Called Him An Idiot For Supporting GEJ

Naeto C has clapped back at an Instagram user who called him an idiot.

The rapper yesterday, Tuesday, November 11, posted a photo of himself at the Eagles Square, Abuja for Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential declaration ceremony and a fan was not happy with it.

Naeto C posted a photo of himself in green attire at the ceremony; “President Declaration Day,” he wrote along with the photo. A fan however took to the comment section of the post to attack the rapper for supporting Goodluck Jonathan and called him an idiot.

“You are an idiot for supporting GEJ,” the Instagram user with name @Jabir_ink told Naeto C.

“My dear friend,” Naeto C replied the fan, “ we are not peers or mates on any level at all, please learn to be respectful to those older than you, furthermore if you will comment on adult matters it means you must also behave like an adult, who I support has absolutely nothing to do with you or your opinions in life, I encourage you to be more positive and support whomever you feel might be a good leader in your opinion, have a great day and please watch the use of your words in the future,” Naeto C advised.

The user has apparently being looking for the rapper’s attention and he got it. “Lmaoo finally u replied me yaay @whitekaftan thanks boss,” he wrote to Naeto C


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