What Is Soundcity’s VJ Moet Abebe Wearing?

moet NL JEEZ!!! What Is Soundcitys VJ Moet Abebe Wearing? : Attention Seeking Or Wardrobe Malfunction? [See Photo]

Lol, that’s the best headline we could give it when Sound City OAP popped out this pic on her IG page this morning with the question, what’s the plan for today? we are basically  not judging anyone, everyone with the way they wanna leave their lives.

Moet Abebe is been watched on air virtually every day and has got people who look up to her as a role model either we like it or not.

Do you think this dress is appropriate considering the youths of today copy what they see on TV and what their role models do?

Just yesterday the internet wouldn’t stop buzzing about Kim Kardashian’s all oiled-up bare butts.

What if a young Nigerian girl decides to beat Moet to it and show a little n****e, just to prove she is hotter than her role model Moet


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