Eminem No Longer Holds The Record For Most Words in a Song

Drum & Bass rapper Harry Shotta has broken
Eminem’s record.
In 2013, Eminem set the record for the most words
used in one song, due to his blindingly fast verses on
“Rap God”. Unfortunately, his 1560-word record has
now been bested, and chances are you’ve never heard
of the guy who did it.
Harry Shotta is the man behind “Animal”– another 6
minute song that features some impressively speedy
double time, and set a new record for words-per-song,
coming in at 1771 total.
Shotta is well known in the Drum and Bass scene,
and is based in the UK. His record is no accident
either, as he told UKF about his goal to break the
record. “The process is a long-winded one but we
know the word count is more than Eminem and
hopefully they’ll recognize that,” he said of the word
count, assuring there are no hard feelings toward
Eminem in his intent. “This is purely about pushing
our art and having some fun.”
As far as we know, Guinness has not actually made
the record official.


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