Album Download : Lil Wayne – Free Weezy

Lil Wayne drops his new album“Free Weezy Album”. We
have been hearing a lot of0Lil Wayne in the news recently.
This Free Weezy Album is his attempt to be free from his
label Cash Money.
Lil Wayne has been beefing with his daddy aka birdman
for a while. The beef is due to him not being paid the
amount he is owed and him wanting freedom from the
record label. This is how the whole free weezy movement
came into play. Lil Wayne has been promoting the Free
Weezy Album for time now.
The Free Weezy album has a scheduled release date of
July 4, 2015. Do you think it is right for weezy to want to
be free from his record label. Or do you think it is wrong
because it was Birdman who got his career started when
he was younger.
Either way listen and download the free weezy album and
tell us if Lil Wayne is still considered one of the best
rappers alive.


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