What Is Homosexuality? Do We really need it?

I have heard a lot about gays and the law passed by the
supreme court of the United States and some other
countries, allowing the legalization of it practice in their
territory. To be candid, I hate how most Nigerian youth
have lost the habit of reading and I had decided to let
Murphy’s law take it place in nature but the state at
which many of us lack the basic knowledge surrounding
the subject matter is appalling and so I decided to shed
more light to enlighten us.
I make it important to let you know that apart from
religious, personal motives and any other sentiments that
might blind our sense of reasoning, it will be even to
approach the subject matter on a” no man’s land” which is
best achieved with the use of tools in philosophy.
Philosophy sees the best interest of an individual, so far it
does not interfere with the interest of every other person
else. It is based on the fact of what is morally right or
wrong and “logic” is a key factor in it assessment of
different issues.
Most gay claim is that every human is entitled to love and
that this love is what brings about their existence, rather
than any other reasons put forward against them. “Love”
is a key word that remains constant between gay partners
and partners of different sexes. I will choose not to
interpret love in other not to cause more confusion. It is
important to know that the claim is that the same love
that brings about the existence of partners with different
sexes is same love that brings about the existence of gays.
Remember that there is no law in philosophy that proves
that the coming together of people with the same sex or
people with different sex is right or wrong. The fact in
philosophy is that everybody as a right and if that right
do not violate the right of others, then it is morally right.
Note that “right” is different from “feelings”. Now, know
that everyman as the ability to decide whether to stay
unmarried, marry from the opposite sex or marry the
same sex. Now ask yourself is homosexuality wrong? Then
why is being unmarried not wrong? Ask yourself what
really makes gay wrong, remember we are not considering
religion or any other function because we looking through
the glasses of a free thinker. There is practically nothing
that makes it wrong and “I THINK PEOPLE SHOULD BE
CHOOSE TO”. Some countries lay their constitution purely
on basis of philosophy, to balance the simple fact that
because people beliefs are different, philosophy is the
only gadget that can put justice on the fence and that is
practically seen in countries such as the USA and many
others. This is same reason why everyone as the right to
terminate his/her own life, as suicide is not a crime in
most countries. It is believed that we own our life and if
we choose to terminate it, then it is a right that does not
go against the right of other people. The sad fact is that
we and most our leaders just jump in favour or support of
the gay act, ignorant of the knowledge surrounding it.
There are cases of Christians, Muslims and people
belonging to other religion being gay and we all know
that Christianity, Islamism, Hinduism and most other
religion do not believe in the claim of gay practices, I
would categories these kind of “religious gays” as a group
of the most ignorant or it is purely just lustful against act
that antagonize their religion practice. Philosophy teaches
us that their act is morally wrong but it is imperative to
know that they go against their religion and should be
punished accordingly to their religion and therefore their
act is not necessary a crime to their country except of
course their country is a religious one such as countries
having sharia law and so on.
I would also strongly emphasize that “I THINK PEOPLE
THEY CHOOSE TO” if also people would be allowed to
marry their animals or an inanimate object because just
as formal, same philosophy that gives us a go-ahead to a
right that do not violate the right of others tells us that if
the key factor which is love is as great as the love that
can bring about the existence of gays and people of
different sexes then it is hereby right by logic that people
can hereby marry their animals or an inanimate object as
it neither go against my right nor yours. If you think it
does, ask yourself truly how does it? You will definitely
get no true answer to that. This phenomenon is legal in
some countries incase we are ignorant of the different
kind of this marriage that as been taken place. In China, a
lady recently married her pig and in the United States a
man also married a tower.
I am driving at a point and it is to point at the fact that
even though I am one of those that don’t support the act
of gay because of my religion, I have a perfect knowledge
surrounding the subject matter. Do you? Do most people
and even our leaders have this knowledge? It is a pity that
even our legal practitioners are ignorant.
i am also someone that do not support the gay act but my
God in my religion teaches me that he as given us the will
of choice, the choice to choose between life and death.
Then, if we are adamant against the will of God, choosing
not to believe in his supremacy, then who am I to dictate
your choice? The best we can do is to preach the good
news and if you have chosen otherwise, you are entitled
to your choice just as we are to ours. I am hereby saying
that the gay act shouldn’t be legalized but I will hereby
urge each country leaders that if they want to legalize it,
they should sit down and weigh the matter at hand, can
they handle the unforeseen outcome and any resulting
consequence such as discrimination and possible violent
reactions or the misuse and disadvantage of the act by the
citizens? This is what the USA as sat down to evaluate and
since it legalization, there have being no considerable
headache concerning security matters and the total safety
of her citizens but the question is can Nigeria handle
this? I think we all know the answer comparing the
behavior of most of her citizen to that of the USA. Nigeria
is still a developing nation at it age of puberty while the
USA and other similar countries are considerably more
matured. Frankly anyone who would say Nigeria can
handle delicate issues as other developed countries is a
jester. If there is one reason apart from religion why
President Mugabe, President Mohammed Buhari and other
African president shouldn’t legalize the gay act, it should
be on the basis of protecting her citizens from the future
resulting harm that the gay act will bring.
Written By: Dr. Guru (FUTA , 400Level, MCB)


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