SEE How Nigerians Invited To Meet Buhari In USA Were Disgraced (Photos/Video)

SEE How Nigerians Invited To Meet Buhari In USA Were Disgraced (Photos/Video)

During his recent visit of the United States of America, Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, reportedly embarra$$ed some Nigerians who had thronged the Nigerian emba$$y to have a town hall meeting with him.

The Nigerian president was in the US on a four-day visit, where he met with the American president, Barrack Obama, and a few other stakeholders in the country.

But, reports have surfaced that the president shunned over 200 Nigerians, many in their finest business or traditional dress, who waited anxiously outside the Nigerian emba$$y in Washington DC, USA hoping to be permitted entrance to the only event organized for the Nigerians diaspora.

Some of the Nigerians who were denied access to president Muhammadu Buhari in the US. Photo: Sahara Reporters

According to Sahara Reporters, the event was part of president Buhari’s official state visit to the United States and was held on Tuesday, July 20 from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Nigerian Emba$$y to the United States including a town hall meeting for Nigerians to interact with the Nigerian leader.

Reports say that as the desperate crowd, who had were reportedly there on invitation, began to swell, many Nigerians demanded explanations from emba$$y officials and secret service agents at the gate and one special agent told a Sahara Reporters correspondent that “all I know is we can’t let anyone in right now.”

A Miss Nigeria America (left), was also denied access to the Nigerian president. Photo: Sahara Reporters

It was later gathered that many Nigerian emba$$y officials were discriminating against certain people and giving entrance to others.

“We are friends with the Principal Secretary, he will be coming to get us,” one man and his family reportedly shouted, when a Sahara Reporters correspondent asked him whether he would gain entrance.

Another member of the Nigerian diaspora said: “look you must see! This is a form of corruption! All those people in there are powerful people! Only the powerful people were let through the gate.”

More Nigerians being denied access to the Nigerian Emba$$y in the US. Photo: Sahara Reporters

A Miss Nigeria America contestant who was also at the emba$$y to meet the president also complained bitterly about the new development stating: “it was very unfair to do this.”

Sahara Reporters correspondent and many of those gathered at the Nigerian emba$$y gate had their official invitations but were still denied access as they desperately held their fancy invitations into the air, calling out to any official-looking person at the gate.

While holding his card, another Nigerian at the venue lamented his denial. He said:“I don’t understand, I am here, and they gave me my invitation.”


Not only the Nigerians invited were denied entrance, even members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) USA Committee, clad in traditional wear with APC logos, were not spared embarra$$ment.

The president also reportedly shunned the US-based Nigerian journalists and publishers who had been scheduled to meet him at the Blair house in America.

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