#KogiDecides…Kogi Gubernatorial Election 2015

Kogi State’s 2015 gubernatorial election poll has started earlier today featuring 21 parties. The candidates and their parties areimages listed below:

Isah Yakubu Kamaldeen, AA

Dickson F. Fred, Accord

Ukenya Musa, ACD

Michael Abdullahi, AD

Usman Zainab, ADC

Odufu Cosmas Friday, APA

Abubakar Audu, APC

Akwu Umar Goodman, APGA

Yinka Cherry Oloruntoba, CPP

Philips Ezekiel Koleola, DPC

Abubakar Ibrahim, DPP

Ibrahim Adejoh, ID

Raji Ogirima KOWA

Philips Omeiza Ozovehe Salawu, LP

Mohammed Ibrahim Dangana, NCP Mallam Abdul Hussein, NNPP

Emmanuel Daikwo, PDC

Idris Ichalla Wada, PDP

Emmanuel Enesi Ozigi, PPA

Ojuh Godwin Hussein, PPN

Enema Paul, SDP

Saád Mukailu Yaro, UDP

The female candidate, Zainab Usman from the African Democratic Congress announced her withdrawal from the contest on Friday night.

INEC has named the number of registered voters in the state at a number of 1,397,786.

With 4,548 polling units across the state, there would be over 31,836 policemen manning the units if the words of the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase is anything to go by. The IG promised to appoint seven police officers per polling unit, aside other security agencies.

#KogiDecides….Happy Voting to all Kogites


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