FUTA Entertainment Industry—BEEFS more than MUSIC

On a very neutral note….no sentiments attached…

Errmm, the entertainment industry of the Federal University of Technology Akure has been more of a butcher’s shop than entertainment with beefs trending more than music.

Recently, we had an upcoming artiste(Damil) beefing an elder(Sensae). Looked interesting to the point dah someone tagged it “FUTA’s Olamide vs Donjazzy”. Quite intriguing…but more intriguing is the fact that dance crews are now beginning to beef. God!!!!

Da-Unit, the acclaimed #1 Dance Crew in FUTA published a “beef”-bc to God -knows-who. Da-Unit recently dropped a dance video for the FUTA hit making song “Amadebe” by Olazz. The dance video??
Download Da-Unit::Amadebe Dance Video
Drop your comments bout what you think about it….

I guess time will unplug the beef-ee that Da-Unit were referring to…..
See the bc below::::


💫 We love beef  because we can afford it 😄

💫  We love challenges cos we’ve been facing em since 2006 🤗

💫 The top spot is always reserved for tha best and tha best alone (as we ar on top even in ur own bc) 😷

💫 If you wanna be tha best then fill in ur missing gaps with hard work… Like you really need to buckle up ✊🏽

💫 If you think uve gat tha balls to be on top of your own games, then feel free to organise a “Dance Festival” 🤒

💫 And if tha award is what you want so badly then…
Coman collect *in Don Jazzy’s voice* 🤓

But no hard feelings we really don’t do relegation battles 🙄 just as tha super eagles don’t play against tha falcons 😣
So our dear trans4mers #LeaveTrashForLawma and take your relegation battle to your foes

To av us in ur ‘show’ kindly follow the protocols:
💫 Give us a call
💫 Send us a letter of invitation
💫 Table a presentable and acceptable price to start a negotiation

Futa’s #1 Dance crew

Drop your comments below…is this beef really worth it?????


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