Interview: Exclusive Interview With Young Sheezy ‘Yebo’


His real name is Akinrinde Oluwaseyi Oreoluwa. Yebo is a talented artiste. In this exciting interview with Futa Unplugged, the Former Director Of Socials Of Federal University Of Technology, Akure tells us about his Social life, and how he succeeded being the Director Of Socials Of F.U.T.A.


   Andre : Who Is Yebo, Full Name?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Yebo is the nickname of a boy….Akinrinde Oluwaseyi Oreoluwa

  Andre : You’re a student of FUTA, what department & level?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Yh, Architecture 400l

Andre : Architecture? Wow! How have you been able to combine both academics and your social life?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Well, that’s a question I answer everytime I tell people I’m studying architecture. It’s a thing of the mind, time management and commitment

   Andre : Being In the Office Of Director Of Socials Of The Federal University Of Technology, Akure, How were you Able to Manage The Workload?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Its not an easy task you know. I guess something just kept me in place, which was “always work with your team” so the workload was always divided and it really helped.

  Andre : Talking about the Team, Do you mean Playboy ent. Or the Futasu excos?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Lol, playboy can’t run Futasu, Its an entertainment outfit. Also the excos have their individual constitutional duties…but the support from both excos and entertainment outfits was essential for the team. The team consisted of people that I could actually work with

  Andre : Can you call your tenure one of the best because you had a lot of successful events from the variety night with Falz to the Futasu awards?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Mehn, all I can say is I thank God…you know man only proposes

   Andre: You’re an artiste too ?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Yeah, of course.

Andre : It’s been a while you dropped a single, are you backing out from the music scene, Planning on becoming an Event Planner?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Lol, you know sacrifices are necessary attributes of leadership…so while I was in office the music career was actually on a pause but i was featured on some songs while I was also writing…but be sure some works are coming out soon

  Andre : Do you really enjoy writing music?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Yes, that’s the best way I express my emotions

   Andre : Are you signed to any Record Label or have you been approached by any?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Nah, I ain’t signed to any record label

Andre : How do you see the industry few years from now?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Really tight you know, talent no longer run things, money does…
Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Then connections

   Andre : Talking about money & connections, I guess you heard about the row Between Damil & Sensae, what’s your take on that?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Oh! Beef!
Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: I hate beef, but its normal
Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: I think it is better to work harder and be the one they beef than being the one beefing you know
Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Best thing in life is to have 80% of people on your side

Andre : What’s your advice to FUTA’s upcoming acts and also the new FUTASU Director Of Socials?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: To the acts, hard work and less beef…
Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: To the d.o.socials…know what you are doing…and always work with yOur team

   Andre : Anything else you want to say? Any Shout outs?

Young Sheezy™ Yebo!: Oh well on behalf of the whole team Yebo, we apologize to everyone we offended while in office and we also thank everyone that supported us throughout. Shout out to every member of the team…IJA, Woli, Pash, Scarce, Osobaba, Viruz, Kizzle, M. I, Holar D, Harry, Shaggy, Ojay, Kobi, Yinka, Duchess, Esther…et al) God bless alloy’all


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