PRESS RELEASE: FUTA’s Top Performing Acts For Last Semester


Y’all know how the FUTA Entertainment Industry has been like. Competitions from based and upcoming artistes, wave making songs and the likes. So In no particular order we bring you These Top acts


Next on the line is …………Lexy Jay, the mario lover. This young talented artiste is not pressing his brakes in the success car. He has dropped songs like Mario Lover, FUTA Exalt remix but the recent one, Ole ft Wizkid is just wow! He’s just shining!


(Wozzy on d right)
On the list, we have SuperWozzy, aka, “Odidiomo to n je Children”. The best “ibile” rapper as far as FUTA is concerned.  He has his own debut song @HitTheRoad but his dope features on songs like Getting Money by Damil and FUTA Exalt by Lexy Jay is enough. He totally killed them.


Shazam: The “Ara” crooner…..Signed to Dope City, Shazam **lightening** has made waves wit

h songs like Ara and Bamilo on campus and beyond. His voice is like………… Download the songs and comment. *wink*. Anyways,  he’s so auspicious…I can’t stop listening to them (his songs)



Aiit…the illest femcee on campus, present and first-ever female D.O. Socials of the FUTASU is here….Her songs are dope and her appearance on the FUTA RNP Cypher 2.0 is just wow!. She totally killed it. The best female rapper just has to be here…..she has always been killing beats since time immemorial.

GIST :::Watch Out for another female rapper……………Yon Dutch…Stay tuned!!


Feola Olola: FUTA’s Next rated, Crunkyard’s last born, the blessings crooner has made huge waves with his debut single titled “Bless Me” followed by another dope one “Open Doors”….he’s just so good. His afro pop style has got me pumping…..

Finally we’re here. Who’s the top best music artiste?…..It is none other than the wave making, SPC artiste, Joel Prodigee.

A producer, song writer  and rapper, Prodigee is just a killer. His song @Addicted is just dope. His feature on FUTA’s RNP Cypher 2.0 is just wow!!….He slaughtered all the sounds…


The list ends there.

Comment below your thoughts….


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