ALBUM: King AIP-KingTugar


The long awaited album is here… From FUOYE’S best rapper…. ®®KING A I P®®®

Full list of songs below

Kingtugar ft rayrex.             

Earlymomo ft 911,havini ,DJ bhamoolee,

Wura baby ft Pellz, rayrex,eizzywonder         

Fuck that shit. Ft cazy , killamillz ,

stop it ft delma, mz kinzway.                            

Tiwerebo ft hisoul           

Diamond ft drae.                

Aye maley ft cdq,              

Voice of tugar ft base1.

Bad girl ft Mikibizz, fweshd.                              

Attention cypher ft Swizzy, hisoul, drae, eizzywonder, delmah.


Just me and you-AIP.        

Gold and silver -AIP.     


son of the Gods- AIP.

Quality ft Sinzu.             

Ginger ft Qdot.And many more

Support the King of Rap…
Enjoy good music…



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