Exclusive interview with Yinka Bello Clothings


His name is Yinka Bello, a graduate from the federal university of technology. Akure. In this exclusive interview with Futa Unplugged, he shares with us his success stories.

[12/04 20:16] FutaUnPlugged: So could you tell us about yourself?

[12/04 20:17] Ogabellohofybc: am yinka bello by name, a graduate of federal university of technology akure from the department of fisheries and aquaculture technology

[12/04 20:18] FutaUnPlugged: When did you graduate?

[12/04 20:18] Ogabellohofybc: graduated 2015

[12/04 20:19] FutaUnPlugged: Cool…

[12/04 20:19] Ogabellohofybc: but now a serving corp member in Ibadan oyo state

[12/04 20:19] FutaUnPlugged: Cool

[12/04 20:20] Ogabellohofybc: thanks

[12/04 20:22] FutaUnPlugged: You were a designer during your  school days, right?

[12/04 20:22] Ogabellohofybc: yeah

[12/04 20:22] FutaUnPlugged: What part of design were uou specialised in?

[12/04 20:25] Ogabellohofybc: started with the trad designs and a little cooperate wears but now am fully into bespoke trad wears and dress for girls

[12/04 20:25] FutaUnPlugged: Why are you specialised in just girls?

[12/04 20:26] Ogabellohofybc: lol

[12/04 20:26] FutaUnPlugged: Just curious…

[12/04 20:27] Ogabellohofybc: aii

[12/04 20:28] FutaUnPlugged: So y d interest in just galz

[12/04 20:29] Ogabellohofybc: not just girl per say women are also involved, I just like bringing out designs which are unique and smart for the ladies

[12/04 20:41] FutaUnPlugged: So yhu are leaving we the guyz out from the cake?

[12/04 20:50] Ogabellohofybc: not leaving guys out

[12/04 20:51] Ogabellohofybc: I do a lot of guys wears though but always have a good challenge with ladies outfit

[12/04 21:01] FutaUnPlugged: That’s a relief

[12/04 21:01] FutaUnPlugged: So how did you combine your work with your studies then?

[12/04 21:02] Ogabellohofybc: really not easy

[12/04 21:03] Ogabellohofybc: I work overnight all most all the time

[12/04 21:03] Ogabellohofybc: will go to school during the day then sewing at night

[12/04 21:04] Ogabellohofybc: so as not to disappoint clients

[12/04 21:05] FutaUnPlugged: And it didn’t take a toll on you?

[12/04 21:06] Ogabellohofybc: did actually had an extra semester though

[12/04 21:06] Ogabellohofybc: but thank God it all stories now

[12/04 21:07] FutaUnPlugged: Yeah
[12/04 21:07] FutaUnPlugged: What about now? Any challenges?

[12/04 21:07] Ogabellohofybc: woah….

[12/04 21:07] Ogabellohofybc: thank God so far

[12/04 21:08] Ogabellohofybc: challenges right now is relocating to another state entirely and trying to win clients but so far so good it been going well

[12/04 21:13] FutaUnPlugged: For student designers, what advice do yhu have for them?

[12/04 21:15] Ogabellohofybc: it will not be easy though but there is light at the end of the tunnel do ur studies n also keep the work going

[12/04 21:16] FutaUnPlugged: Wat about other entrepreneurs?

[12/04 21:18] ogabellohofybc: continue to do what you know how to do best…and with God success is guaranteed

[12/04 21:23] Ogabellohofybc: and learn more

[12/04 21:23] FutaUnPlugged: Cool

[12/04 21:24] FutaUnPlugged: Thanks very much, thank you for your time

[12/04 21:24] Ogabellohofybc: you welcome

[12/04 21:24] Ogabellohofybc: thank you very much

[12/04 21:24] FutaUnPlugged: That’ll be all sir

some of his collections. .






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