Dope City Records Unveils Two New Acts!


Dope City Records would like to introduce their 2 new artistes to the public.
In the past few weeks, the label has put so much effort in pushing their artistes forward having 2 of their artistes release 2 solid jams.

Most people thought that was the end of it, But this label is trying to show the Public it isn’t over yet. By Signing A Femcee! Yeah a Femcee!!!! FUTA has gotten another Wonderful female rapper, I think Reespect’s gotta Sit Up cos She’s got competition now!! And This Femcee Goes By The Name Dutch, and I guess she ain’t here for jokes!!! The Business wasn’t done yet by just signing a Femcee,


They also thought they needed something special, Yeah “Special” cos Its a special addition to the team, They also signed a Magnificent Vocalist who goes by The name Jayson


Like most people will say New Kids On The Block, Dope City’s got New Kids On The Block! And These Kids Are Fire🔥🔥🔥🔥! Trust Me!!

Anticipate Their Debut Singles Under The Label In Coming Weeks!!


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