Behind The Scene Pictures:- Jahbless – Owambe (Dir. By Clarence Peters)

1 Behind The Scene Pictures:  Jahbless   Owambe (Dir. By Clarence Peters)

Barely 2 weeks after the release of Jahbless‘s “Lights Camera action” video which is currently going viral, Jahbless shoots a video for his street hit jam “Owambe“. Owambe video was directed by africa’s foremost video director Clarence Peters and parade celebrity cameo apearances by Ruggedman, Aremu Afolayan, Bimbo Thomas, Remi Surutu amongst others.

See more photos below:-

2 Behind The Scene Pictures:  Jahbless   Owambe (Dir. By Clarence Peters)

3(1) Behind The Scene Pictures:  Jahbless   Owambe (Dir. By Clarence Peters)

4(1) Behind The Scene Pictures:  Jahbless   Owambe (Dir. By Clarence Peters)

5(1) Behind The Scene Pictures:  Jahbless   Owambe (Dir. By Clarence Peters)

6(1) Behind The Scene Pictures:  Jahbless   Owambe (Dir. By Clarence Peters)

Don’t have the Owambe Audio? Download it HERE


President Jonathan To Be Served Impeachment Notice On Dec 3

According to Rep. Mohammed Tahir Monguno, President Goodluck Jonathan is to be served with impeachment notice when the House of Representatives reconvene on Wednesday.

tear gas lawmakers President Jonathan To Be Served Impeachment Notice On Dec 3

Senators and members of the House of Representatives had commenced collecting signatures for the removal of the president after the November 20 security siege on the National Assembly. During the siege, the speaker of the House Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and other lawmakers were teargased by the

House members began collecting signatures that same day while senators followed suit two days after. And already, 200 members and about 60 senators were said to have thrown their weight behind moves to oust the president.

Monguno, a former Attorney General of Borno State told Sunday Trustthat he was one of the 200 members who signed the impeachment motion on November 20, saying, “some newspapers published names of those who signed the motion but my name was conspicuously omitted.” Arguing that president Jonathan had no reason to remain in office anymore having failed to protect Nigerians against Boko Haram insurgents, Monguno said:

“The federal government led by President Goodluck Jonathan has woefully failed to discharge these responsibilities. The government which is solely responsible for the security of the people has failed to protect the lives and property of my constituents.

For five years now there have been consistent Boko Haram attacks in various parts of my constituency leading to the displacement of a whole local government in the constituency. Jonathan has woefully failed to provide for the security and welfare of my constituents that was why I signed the motion to oust him.”The lawmakers further accused the Jonathan administration of “monumental” corruption, saying, “for any development to take place there is the need for dividends of democracy to reach the people but because of the monumental corruption that has characterized this government, development is no longer reaching the people at the grass root and the federal government has clearly demonstrated lack of capacity to fight corruption. The executive arm of government led by President Jonathan is a massive failure.

Of all the alleged constitutional breaches by the president, Monguno said the security siege on national assembly was the final stroke that broke the camel’s back hence, the move to impeach Jonathan.

“We need only one third of the members of the House to serve the president impeachment notice and so far we have got far more than that so as we resume the motion will be formally tabled for the president to be notified. It is only the removal that requires two third. When we reconvene on December 3rd the president will be served impeachment notice,” he explained.

Meet And See List of TOP 7 Runs Girls In Nollywood [See Photo]

This article was written by the very crazy controversial blogger, Maryjane, please read:

RUNS NL EXPOSED!!!! Meet And See List of TOP 7 Runs Girls In Nollywood [See Photo]
Hahaha; I will keep doing my thing, and having fun while I do it. Everyone can not be silent about the truth and keep bu tt licking;

Someone just have to say the truth…The Bitter Truth, And that person is me, call me a hater…na you sabi, who cares, Laugh at me for not getting a call out, who cares as long as the bitter truth is told, lesson learnt, and fun guaranteed. Enjoy Reading………………………………Have FUN!!!

7. Angela Okorie; She’s married to a very quiet and young boy who can’t confront her on her deeds, she travels to lodge with her clients abroad all in the name of film shooting…

6. Chika Ike– This girl; have no pain,regret, and shame of being a “Christain Divorcee & A Runz Girl” as long as the cash is flowing in bucks.

5.Rukky Sanda– This babe, has gone international on this field, even political on this field.

4.Ebube Nwagbo– She is one of my few twitter follower and I love her, But that doesn’t stop me from saying the truth, If she like she can unfollow me, who cares, afterall I am not following anyone, including her Lol,

By the way; This babe is trending in all grounds on this field, grooving artists, politicians, and even far away land, She loves the twerk thing passionately and she can twerk for Africa Lol.

3.Oge Okoye– Birds of same feather with Rukky & Ebube, They are in the same leauge and group, The cruise and twerk all over the place together, both national and international, most especially political ground, Oge does hers mainly for money and material things, and to console herself over her flirtiful husband’s absence and infidelity, The husband is worse, But please Oge STOP, you are married woman and two wrongs can not make a right.

2.Empress Njamah– hehehe, This one na champion for the trade oh, She runs her runz locally in Naija political market, with big names, big money, and pot belly, The bad business is paying her so much that she is busy going on expensive vacations, opening big businesses, and helping her family, She just bought her brother a rolex watch I learnt. Empress you are getting older by the day, Please STOP and think of marriage, If your family loves you more than the money they get from you; they will give you this advise I am giving you for free.

1.Ini Edo– When I first accused Ini Edo of this, most people thought I was a hater, But it has been confirmed. I love her, but she reallly need to STOP and change her ways, If not: what threw her out of her first marriage will also threw her out of her next marriage. A word is enough for the wise.

Busta Rhymes Nasty Head Injury During Perfomance

World renowned rapper Busta Rhymes has been left with a nasty gash on his head after a freak accident on stage.

dKGtWax2WQzJujikWDzGjUB0 PHOTOS: Busta Rhymes Nasty Head Injury During Perfomance

The hulty rapper fell off stage in New York as he perfomed as a suprise guest on O.T Genesis show at Webster hall.

He had started the hit song ”Coco” while banging his head when he lost balance and fell head first into the crowd.

Photos below…

QMigeTljyoVI84Dk21kjckZ3 PHOTOS: Busta Rhymes Nasty Head Injury During Perfomance

Busta Rhymes, is an American rapper, producer, and actor from New York. He got his name from Chuck D.

Don Jazzy Reacts As Davido Loses Out Totally At Channel O Music Video Award

 SAD:  Don Jazzy Reacts As Davido Loses Out Totally At Channel O Music Video Award

Davido bagged the most nominations at the just concluded Channel O Music Video awards for 2014 and he walked home with nada.

The music star was amazed by his omission as ALL of the 5 nominations he got, got awarded to other artistes. The 22 year old congratulated the winners alright, but we all know that is not skin deep.

Our take, Davido needs to gather his fans to vote for him next year as he has lost out in 4 international awards back to back

Cynthia Morgan Claims She Didn’t Bleach Her Skin

Cynthia morgan HMMM!! Cynthia Morgan Claims She Didn’t Bleach Her Skin

Nigerian female singer, Cynthia Morgan in a recent with interview Daily Independent Newspaper, she stated clearly that she is not bleaching.

She also commented on her old picture and Dencia’s Whitenicious cream.

She said; “No. It is a product everybody is talking about.

There are different types of Whitenicious and I don’t know which you are referring to” “I have been seeing the product and people have been talking about it, but I am not a fan of it.

People grow and I am sure if you checkout your pictures of five years ago you wouldn’t be the same complexion.

I was a huge tom boy when I was growing up and I didn’t have time to take care of myself, but when I grew up to a certain stage I knew I had to start taking care of myself.”